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Child’s Face Doused with Bleach by Lovely Butts

Lovely Butts is a 64-year-old woman who has been accused of abusing a child that lives in her home by throwing bleach in her face and threatening her with a firearm.

On September 14, Butts and the underage girl, of whom Butts is reportedly the primary caregiver, allegedly got into a verbal disagreement regarding Butts’ medication.

The situation reportedly intensified, and Butts allegedly grabbed some bleach and hurled it in the direction of the juvenile.

The bleach reportedly struck the child in the face, and the liquid chemical entered her eyes and mouth. The youngster reported that the event nearly caused her to pass out. Before the alleged encounter abated, Butts reportedly held a gun in her hand and told the girl that she would hit her across the face with it.

Butts called the authorities, and officers from the Daytona Police Department, in addition to emergency medical personnel arrived at the home and found the young girl standing outside.

When the alleged victim spoke with the police about what transpired between herself and Butts, it was reported that she reeked of bleach.

The girl reportedly told officers that after the incident she was walking out of the house when Butts threw a food container at her.

The police report also noted that the child said she was so afraid of causing the situation to further escalate, she was scared to use the bathroom so she had been using a disposable cup as a makeshift toilet in her bedroom.

The officers reported that they located a cup purported to be the one the child had described using for urination.

An unloaded firearm was reportedly found in Butts’ bedroom, and it was asserted that it was the weapon she used when allegedly threatening the youngster.

Butts was taken into custody and booked into the county jail for suspicion of felony child abuse without great harm, and felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. She was released from custody after posting bond.

The alleged victim received medical treatment from the Daytona Beach Fire Department.

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