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Drunk Woman said Poor Driving was due to Eggroll 

A Florida woman suspected of being intoxicated was pulled over for allegedly driving carelessly and she claimed the road maneuvers were the result of eating an eggroll. 

Early in the morning on November 14, 45-year-old Maria Jurgilewicz, a resident of St. Petersburg, was driving her car in the local area. 

An officer from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office noticed the woman’s vehicle, and she pulled her over because she believed the driver “had difficulty staying in her lane.”   

The officer identified the woman as Jurgilewicz, and she noted in the police report that the suspect spoke with an accent. 

It was also reported that Jurgilewicz’s “normal faculties were impaired,” and she showed physical signs of intoxication. 

Jurgilewicz reportedly agreed to talk to the deputy about where she had been. She said she had been spending time at her boyfriend’s house since earlier the previous day. 

When she was asked about whether she had any alcohol before driving, Jurgilewicz reportedly said she did, but long before she got behind the wheel.  

Jurgilewicz reportedly chose to forego roadside sobriety testing, but she consented to a breath test. The results were recorded as .079 and .078.  

More than one deputy was at the scene at this time, and they searched the inside of the car Jurgilewicz was driving. 

It was reported that they found various kinds of pills. The affidavit noted that “some were controlled, and the rest were prescription only.” The deputies said they checked on, and six of the pills were Tramadol. They also said they located a piece of a plastic straw with white powder flecks believed to be cocaine coating the inside. 

Jurgilewicz was taken into custody and booked into Pinellas County Jail. She is facing charges of possession of a controlled substance, and DUI. 

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