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Fossil Hunters Arrested for Disturbing Dinosaur Tracks on Reservation

Two men are facing charges after they were reportedly found on protected land while carrying tools and pieces of rock.

It is reported that 30-year-old Jack Boyland has been searching for fossils since he was a preteen growing up in New Jersey. He has been a member of the Delaware Valley Paleontological Society in Philadelphia. Boyland has also shared some of the relics he has found with a scientist at Columbia University.

In a media interview in 2019, Boyland shared that he has a tad of Native American blood, and that “fossil hunting is kind of like connecting with my heritage in a way.”

On August 28, Boyland and 41-year-old Stephan Miller reportedly went out to search for fossils.

The pair were reportedly in the “Dinosaur Footprints” area in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

According to the official website, portions of the recreational area are considered protected because a reservation is on the land.

Around 4:00 pm, a captain with the Holyoke Police Department went to the area where Boyland and Miller were reportedly walking.

The captain reported that both men were holding pieces of rock, in addition to carrying tools.

The captain told the men that he believed they had been disturbing land in the protected section of the area.

Both men reportedly told the captain that they did not believe they were on protected land at the time of their finds.

A map of the area was produced, and the captain asserted that Boyland and Miller had been disturbing the land in a prohibited section.

Boyland and Miller were taken into custody. They are each facing charges for suspicion of vandalism, archeological violation, and trespassing.

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