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Oregon Deli Worker Laced Bean Dip With Meth

A woman who works in a grocery store delicatessen has been arrested for allegedly using methamphetamine as an added ingredient to the bean dip she prepared while on duty.

In July, 38-year-old Cassandra Medina-Hernandez began working at the Jefferson, Oregon, Thriftway grocery store. When asked about her performance on the job, her managers said that Medina-Hernandez had proven herself to be an efficient member of their team.

On September 9, Medina-Hernandez was working in the deli and preparing bean dip when one of her coworkers entered seeking food to eat on her break. The woman asked Medina-Hernandez if she could have a sample of the dip and she enjoyed it so much that she inquired about taking a portion home with her.

When the woman got home and began to eat her food she said that she detected an odd taste in one of the bites she had taken, but she continued to finish the dip.

After her break was over, the woman returned to the store to continue her shift and she reported that she began to feel unwell. She said she felt strange, and sick to her stomach and she eventually went to the emergency room at the Santiam Hospital for assessment.

While the woman was at the hospital a urinalysis was performed and “showed an unconfirmed positive for amphetamines,” according to the probable cause statement filed by a Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy. The woman also reportedly had an elevated pulse.

When the bean dip prepared by Medina-Hernandez became the suspected cause of the alleged victim’s ailments, the surveillance video from inside the store was reviewed. The footage, which showed only showed Medina-Hernandez from behind as she worked, allegedly indicated that she had taken something out of her bra and put it into the bean dip.

When the other employees were questioned by the authorities, two people said that Medina-Hernandez talked to them about the tainted dip. One of the women said the suspect told her that she had put the drugs in the dip, and the other reported that Medina-Hernandez texted her and told her that the whole thing happened by accident. The police were not able to immediately confirm the validity of the reported text messages because the witness said she does not keep a history of her texts.

In Linn County on September 25, Medina-Hernandez turned herself in for the allegations and she was transported to Marion County for suspicion of unlawful delivery of methamphetamine, reckless endangerment, and causing a person to ingest a controlled substance. She was incarcerated in the county jail and held on an ordered $520,000 bail for the charges, for which she has reportedly said she is not guilty.

The authorities reported that they do not believe any customers had access to the allegedly drugged dip, but one other employee may have eaten some of it and was not harmed.

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