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Repeat Domestic Abuser Pulled Gun on Girlfriend

A man in Montana is facing felony charges after allegedly abusing his girlfriend on more than one occasion, and pointing a gun at her.

21-year-old Justin James Belgarde lives in Helena, Montana. He has sole custody of his two children.

According to Belgarde’s girlfriend, at the beginning of April, the pair got into a dispute resulting in the man causing her to fear for her life and safety.

Belgarde allegedly left the residence and walked outside to his car. When he came back into the house and confronted his girlfriend, Belgarde reportedly aimed a firearm at the woman and then aimed the gun at himself.

Neighbors overheard the event, and they notified the authorities.

When the police arrived at the home, they met with the alleged victim at the door. The officers asked to speak with Belgarde, but the woman said she was home alone.

When peering in the window, the authorities asserted that Belgarde was in the kitchen.

After requesting that he come out of the home to talk to them, Belgarde discussed their concerns.

The police also collected a statement from his girlfriend. The woman reportedly said Belgarde told her not to let them know he was home, and to deny them entry.

Neither of them told the officers about the involvement of a firearm in the dispute.

On June 10, the couple became embroiled in another argument.

The woman reportedly went to bed, and while she was laying down Belgarde allegedly began to pick up items in the room and threw them in his girlfriend’s direction. He reportedly got a laundry basket and heaved it at the bed. The item allegedly hit the woman in the head.

The police were notified about the alleged domestic assault, and when they talked to the woman, she told them about the history of violent behavior Belgarde had with her.

The woman mentioned the incident in April, and she told them about the situation with the gun. When the officers inquired about why the reports did not reflect a firearm involved in the event, the woman said she was afraid to disclose the information. She believed that it would have caused problems since Belgarde has custody of his children.

It was reported that Belgarde said he would partake in an interview about the allegations.

When the authorities talked to him about what transpired, Belgarde reportedly said there was no gun involved in the situation in April. He also alleged that he did not hit his girlfriend with the laundry receptacle.

Despite his denial, Belgarde is expected to face charges for suspicion of felony assault with a weapon, felony tampering with witnesses, and misdemeanor first offense partner or family member assault.

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