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2 Arrested for Running Speakeasy in NJ Warehouse

Two women are facing charges after the authorities reportedly found 200 people gathered in a Newark warehouse that the pair was allegedly using as a nightclub offering illegal alcohol sales and gambling.

26-year-old Denisse Tinizaray and Katherine Tinizaray, 28, are sisters who reside in Newark, New Jersey.

Just after midnight on December 27, an officer with the Newark Police reportedly saw many people entering a warehouse usually used for indoor sports.

Detectives with the Vice Crimes Task Force headed to the address, and when they arrived, they allegedly saw approximately 200 people gathered in what was purported to be a speakeasy.

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, the governor has ordered that gatherings are limited to a small number of people.

The partiers in the establishment were allegedly taking part in illegal gambling while enjoying food and alcohol, and the detectives reported that the purported patrons were not wearing face masks.

Two people identified as Denisse and Katherine Tinizaray were reportedly selling alcoholic beverages to the patrons while posted in a section of the warehouse that was set up as the bar area.

When the authorities reportedly requested that the Tinizaray sisters show licensing for operating the establishment, it was allegedly discovered that they did not have the proper paperwork.

Denisse and Katherine Tinizaray were taken into custody, and they are each facing charges for suspicion of maintaining an illegal liquor establishment, illegal possession of alcohol, and illegal sale of alcohol.

The police believe that a woman who is also a sister of Denisse and Katherine may have had a part in the allegedly illegal operation, and they are still searching for her.

It was reported that the women may face additional charges as a result of the investigation.

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