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Two women from southeastern Michigan have been accused of a theft scam spanning several states after they were reportedly found with thousands of dollars worth of products presumed to have been stolen from retail outlets.

According to reports, the authorities learned that stores in at least six states had been targeted by thieves. During the initial phase of the investigation, they reviewed surveillance footage of the parking lots and saw what looked like the same car at each location. They believed they identified the vehicle being used by the involved parties, but the search for the alleged perpetrators continued.

On the morning of June 17, a crime investigator from Lowe’s in Elizabethtown, Kentucky called the authorities to report a theft of approximately $1,000 in products. It was believed that the two women accused of the incident were in the car seen in the parking lots of the other stores that were allegedly targeted.

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A man in Mississippi is facing a multitude of charges after the authorities allegedly found enough narcotics to believe he was trafficking, in addition to having several firearms in his home.

According to reports, the authorities had been watching the activities at the Jackson, Mississippi, residence of a 38-year-old man who they believed was involved in drug trafficking. After obtaining a search warrant on June 11, Capitol Police officers went to the home with agents from the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics.

The man was there when they arrived, and law enforcement entered the home. During the search of the residence, in addition to two rifles, two shotguns, and a pistol, the authorities reportedly found meth, marijuana, cocaine, crack, oxycodone, morphine, and over two dozen pills, some of which were identified as Xanax.

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During the traffic stop of a dad in West Virginia, an officer allegedly found a gun in the vehicle and a 7-ounce bag of methamphetamine in his teenage daughter’s sweatshirt.

On June 9, a man was cruising down the highway in Arlington with his 2 daughters, ages 12 and 14. A deputy from the Upshur County Sheriff’s Office was patrolling the area, and they noticed that the vehicle had dark-tinted windows. They also believed the exhaust was unusually loud, so they performed a traffic stop.

The driver pulled over, and when he first talked to the deputy, he was asked for the usual items, such as proof of registration. When he was unable to give that to the deputy, the vehicle’s status was checked. In addition to having illegal inspection stickers, the authorities discovered the car was reported stolen in Ohio. The man explained he made a deal with the owner and traded his truck for the vehicle. He said he still had to take care of the title change.

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An Arizona dad was arrested on several charges after allegedly allowing his sons to inhale nitrous oxide with him while on a four-wheeling excursion.

On June 4, a man took his 12- and 13-year-old sons on a day trip to Ash Fork so they could ride around on an ATV. According to reports, the dad brought containers of laughing gas, also known as nitrous oxide, and a balloon for inhaling the substance.

While they were there, one of the kids recorded a video. Their 16-year-old sister saw it, and she told their mother that she saw the boys sucking in air from balloons, and she believed they had nitrous oxide in them. They discussed it with him, and the man allegedly did not dispute using the substance and sharing it with their sons more than once during the hours they were out riding.

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A Kentucky couple is facing charges after the police reportedly discovered their child sitting in a stroller filled with live maggots and narcotics.

Late in the morning on May 24, a couple was reportedly seen pushing a stroller near an abandoned home in Madisonville. The person who noticed them became concerned and called the authorities.

Officers from the Madisonville Police Department went to the location. They spotted a man and woman with a stroller and believed it was the same couple the person called about.

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A Florida man with active warrants was arrested after getting lost in the woods and calling the authorities, who located him and found he was allegedly carrying drugs and paraphernalia.

On the morning of May 25, a 43-year-old man from Branford was walking in the forest near the Suwannee River. In time, he found he did not know where he was, and he decided to call the authorities to let them know he was lost. He gave them his last known approximate location and asked them to send someone to help.

A deputy with the Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office and agents from the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission headed out to a spot near the Branford Greenway Trail, where the man mentioned when he provided a location. They combed the area and headed in the direction of the river until they found the caller approximately an hour later.

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Last week, the police arrested two Texas men on several charges when they allegedly found them in possession of approximately 56 pounds of marijuana in multiple bags with an assessed value of $70,000.

On May 23, law enforcement officers from the Bryan Police Department Directed Deployment Team were keeping an eye on a local home after learning that there was potential drug activity happening in the dwelling. They saw someone come out of the house with a backpack, and the man got into a vehicle and began driving away.

Officers trailed the driver until they allegedly saw him make a turn without signaling first, and the 30-year-old was pulled over. They reported that they detected a strong smell of marijuana, and when they searched his vehicle, they allegedly found about a pound of pot.

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A Washington elementary school teacher and her husband were arrested on school grounds when the woman was allegedly found in her classroom high on narcotics, and the man was reportedly high in the parking lot with their toddler.

According to reports, during the school day on May 16, a 35-year-old teacher was in her classroom at Spotswood Elementary School in Fredericksburg. Her husband and 2-year-old child were on the campus, but they were inside a vehicle in the parking lot.

A school resource officer saw the teacher and asserted that she was altered. Her classroom was searched, and they allegedly found narcotics. Since the resource officer thought the woman was on drugs, it was believed that they were hers. All the children were assessed as a precaution, and they were all reported as unharmed.

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Broken window glass and a clue left in spilled spicy seasoning led the police to an alleged burglar who reportedly wrecked the inside of a home in Pennsylvania.

On May 6, someone reportedly burglarized a Johnstown apartment while the tenant was not there. A person was driving past while the alleged intruder was still outside, and when they spotted the man, they became suspicious of his activity. They called the authorities to report what they saw, and officers from the Johnstown Police Department headed to the address to see what was going on.

When the officers arrived, they said they saw footwear thrown around outside near the apartment. The resident told them she believed the man came in through a window on the side of the unit and then walked out the front door when he left. It was noted that one window was forced open, and another was shattered. Broken glass was scattered on the ground, and tiles that were once covering the ceiling were pulled down. Cajun spice was spilled on the kitchen floor, and a shoeprint was left in the powder. The police believed the damage was caused by the burglar, and that the print in the spice was left by him as well.

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When a man went to visit a woman he met online, she allegedly tried to force him to give her money at gunpoint before shooting at him as he ran away after escaping from the residence.

On April 24, a man and woman who met on Facebook and formed a connection decided to meet and spend time together in person. The 28-year-old woman reportedly invited the man to her home.

When he arrived and went inside, the woman, whose two children were home, allegedly acted flirtatiously. The man reportedly responded to her alleged seductiveness, and she allegedly produced a 9mm and insisted he give her cash. She also reportedly tried to stop him from leaving the house. When he got outside and began to drive off, the woman allegedly fired the gun at his vehicle.

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