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Two women from southeastern Michigan have been accused of a theft scam spanning several states after they were reportedly found with thousands of dollars worth of products presumed to have been stolen from retail outlets.

According to reports, the authorities learned that stores in at least six states had been targeted by thieves. During the initial phase of the investigation, they reviewed surveillance footage of the parking lots and saw what looked like the same car at each location. They believed they identified the vehicle being used by the involved parties, but the search for the alleged perpetrators continued.

On the morning of June 17, a crime investigator from Lowe’s in Elizabethtown, Kentucky called the authorities to report a theft of approximately $1,000 in products. It was believed that the two women accused of the incident were in the car seen in the parking lots of the other stores that were allegedly targeted.

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A gas station worker in Arkansas was arrested after her employer named her the culprit when they reportedly found someone had stolen approximately $20,000 from the business by entering fake gas pump transactions.

Recently, a manager at the Circle K Convenience Store and Gas Station was looking over the books and doing the audits when they reportedly noticed a huge discrepancy in the numbers. It was reported that the business has an inventory process where they check the amount of money entered at the pumps against the amount of gas paid for. The manager found many transactions where money entered at the pumps was not accounted for, and they began investigating the situation.

According to reports, the situation was traced back several years, and between May 2023 and February 2024, it was found that approximately $20,000 was missing. After checking with the company that monitors the pumps, the management began to suspect the money had been stolen.

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A Florida airport employee was arrested after a woman whose luggage went missing was led to his address when her Apple Watch sent her a notification and she tracked its location.

Recently, a woman took a Spirit Airlines flight out of New York to return to her residence in Florida. She had a small travel suitcase with her that she typically takes on the plane as a carry-on item, and it held her laptop computer, Apple electronics, and personal belongings. The woman was asked to check the bag before boarding, and she took the necessary steps to do so.

When the plane landed at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, the woman went to the luggage carousel with the other passengers. The woman waited approximately two hours without any sign of her suitcase. After talking to the Spirit Airlines employees, they told her they were mailing the bag to her residence.

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A Delaware man was arrested after reportedly stealing a truck with over $12,000 worth of liquor with the alleged intention of selling the booze for cash to pay his drug-related debts.

According to reports, a 39-year-old man from Gaston had been struggling to pay his debts and was living in his automobile. On the morning of May 30, he was reportedly sitting in his vehicle outside the Cheers Tavern in Muncie when he spotted a liquor distribution box truck parked in front of the establishment. He allegedly concocted a plan to steal the vehicle and its contents, which were reported as being $12,546 worth of alcohol, and sell the spirits for the money he needed.

He reportedly disabled the GPS and camera in the truck and then allegedly drove away. The authorities were notified, but they did not immediately find the suspect. Officers from the Muncie Police Department were patrolling near the local Shriners Club, and they saw a truck matching the description of the one taken from the bar. They checked it out and confirmed that it was the vehicle that belonged to the liquor distribution company, but no one was found inside the truck.

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A man in Tennessee reportedly fell through three hotel room ceilings while allegedly trying to get away from the police, who were pursuing him for suspicion of armed robbery at a Waffle House restaurant.

According to reports, around 1:00 AM on May 28, a 31-year-old man from Harriman allegedly walked into a Waffle House in Crossville with a folding knife. He reportedly walked up to two employees and assaulted them. Before he left the eatery, he allegedly stole $388. The authorities were notified about the alleged armed robbery, and officers from the Crossville Police Department headed to the location.

Before the police arrived, the suspect ran away from the property and headed through the woods behind a Marathon gas station. He reportedly ended up in the attic at a nearby Red Roof Inn, and when someone from the hotel called to report it, they suspected it was the man involved in the restaurant robbery.

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A shirtless, intoxicated man was arrested in a Virginia auto auction lot after allegedly trying to steal multiple vehicles while trespassing on the premises.

Just before midnight on May 23, a man strolled onto the property of the Manheim Fredericksburg Wholesale Auto Auction though signs were reportedly clearly posted to inform the public that only authorized personnel were permitted to be on the lot. Employees spotted the alleged trespasser, who was not wearing a shirt, and they notified the authorities.

It was reported that they watched as he allegedly sat in the driver’s seat of a Toyota. Afterward, he got out and switched to a Ford F-150, but this time he started the ignition and began driving. At the same time, a deputy with the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office arrived.

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Broken window glass and a clue left in spilled spicy seasoning led the police to an alleged burglar who reportedly wrecked the inside of a home in Pennsylvania.

On May 6, someone reportedly burglarized a Johnstown apartment while the tenant was not there. A person was driving past while the alleged intruder was still outside, and when they spotted the man, they became suspicious of his activity. They called the authorities to report what they saw, and officers from the Johnstown Police Department headed to the address to see what was going on.

When the officers arrived, they said they saw footwear thrown around outside near the apartment. The resident told them she believed the man came in through a window on the side of the unit and then walked out the front door when he left. It was noted that one window was forced open, and another was shattered. Broken glass was scattered on the ground, and tiles that were once covering the ceiling were pulled down. Cajun spice was spilled on the kitchen floor, and a shoeprint was left in the powder. The police believed the damage was caused by the burglar, and that the print in the spice was left by him as well.

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A Florida man is facing several charges after reportedly stealing a tractor from his place of employment and driving it to a college campus with the alleged intent of killing two people.

Early in the evening on May 4, a man who works as a groundskeeper at the Key West Golf Club reportedly swiped a tractor from the property and drove it to the College of the Florida Keys. When he reached one of the dormitories, the man allegedly drove into the lobby and used the bucket to wreck the plumbing in the building.

According to reports, he then made his way to the parking lot where a man and his daughter were sitting in a vehicle, and they reportedly watched as he allegedly smashed into a truck with enough force to flip it. Afterward, he reportedly struck the front of their car, and they got out to avoid potential injury.

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A teenager in New Jersey was arrested on multiple charges after the police chased him onto the roof of a Housing Authority building and allegedly caught him with an illegal firearm.

Early in the evening on May 4, three men, ages 19, 20, and 21, were hanging out in Hoboken. The trio were reportedly in the hallway of a Housing Authority building.

Someone called the police and reported that they believed the group was loitering in the building, and officers headed to the site. When they got there, the officers saw them on the fourth floor in the stairwell and reported that they knew the men did not reside at the address.

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An alleged burglar assisted the police by running up to them and asking them to help him when he was being chased by someone who reportedly caught him trying to break into their home.

On April 29, someone was at their residence in South Creek, Florida, when they caught someone trying to break into the house. The person purported to be the perpetrator began to flee, and the resident chased after them.

A few moments later, the person being chased approached a Coconut Creek Police Department squad car that was stopped at a traffic light. It did not take long for the police to realize the man was being chased by someone who claimed he tried to burglarize their home.

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