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A Pennsylvania man who works as a clown was picked up in an undercover investigation for allegedly posting an ad offering sexual services for cash.

On May 18, agents from the Carbondale Police Department launched an undercover investigation targeting sex workers in the area. Since many people post online ads offering services, websites were searched to see if anyone was offering illegal escort services. One of the detectives saw an advertisement that caused them to believe the individual was a sex worker seeking clientele.

After identifying the man and texting the phone number listed in the ad, the police decided to go undercover and set up a meeting with the suspect. They agreed to meet him at a hotel in the area on July 2, and the man said he would text them when he arrived.

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A man in Ohio was arrested on felony charges when he was reportedly found with hamsters in his pocket after allegedly breaking into businesses after hours and releasing animals from a pet store.

Three businesses in Columbus were broken into early in the morning on July 9. The surveillance footage at a Roosters restaurant showed someone who appeared to be male entering the eatery around 3:00 am. The alarms were activated, which alerted the higher-ups about the breach. According to reports, the intruder had long hair and was wearing pajamas. Officers from the Columbus Police Department went to the establishment and opened an investigation.

While the authorities were still in the area, they learned that a Petland pet store down the street was also entered by a man wearing pajamas. While the suspect was inside the store, he reportedly freed animals from their habitats and allowed them to go out the door into the wild. When officers went to the location, they reported several types of animals were roaming the parking lot, including two dogs, bunnies, birds, hamsters, and ferrets.

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A Florida man accused of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is facing several charges after allegedly driving on the wrong side of the street when he had two youngsters as passengers in the back seat of his car.

According to reports, on July 4, a man with two young children was driving an SUV past the Arcadia police headquarters. An officer spotted the vehicle and reportedly noticed it was being driven down the wrong side of the road. The officer pursued the SUV and performed a traffic stop.

The driver pulled over without incident, and when the officer approached to talk to them, they noticed two youngsters sitting in the vehicle’s back seat. The driver was asked if he was aware that he was driving in the opposite lane, and the officer reported that the man would not respond. The smell of alcohol was allegedly coming from the inside of the car. It was also reported that when the officer looked around the vehicle, he believed there was something that looked like a joint in the center console, in addition to a vape pen believed to contain THC oil.

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A Florida man was arrested after people reported him to the police when they allegedly saw him dropping a child head-first from a second-story balcony to scare him.

According to its website, the Sandalwood Beach Resort offers guests a “tropical paradise of flowers, palm trees, pelicans, parrots, dolphins, and spectacular sunsets” on North Redington Beach. Last weekend, the property was visited by the authorities after a youngster was reportedly physically injured by an adult.

On July 6, a mother and her 4-year-old son were hanging out at the pool. The woman began socializing with a 31-year-old man, and they reportedly had drinks together while they relaxed. After a while, they headed to the second floor where both of their rooms were located, and the woman left her son with the man while she took a shower.

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A Florida woman was arrested after allegedly purchasing a magnet to assist her in stealing from a retail store in the mall by using it to remove security devices from the clothing and merchandise.

Just before midnight on June 27, an officer with the Clearwater Police Department pulled over a moped with a female passenger. When he approached, he identified the passenger as someone with an active arrest warrant from Oklahoma. The officer let the woman know she was being detained, and he noticed she was holding several bags. When he began looking through them, the officer became suspicious when he thought he saw clothing that still had the security tags attached. He looked through the rest of the bags, which also reportedly had locked tags affixed, and allegedly discovered many additional pieces of merchandise that he believed had been stolen. While inspecting the contents of her purse, the officer reportedly found a large magnet.

According to reports, when discussing what was found, the woman told the officer she purchased the magnet on Amazon, and that she was able to use it to take the security tags off items. She allegedly said she took the items she was holding from the Clearwater Mall location of Burlington Coat Factory by simply walking out of the store and planned to use the magnet to take the tags off later.

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A Long Island dad is facing charges after he was accused of causing two houses to catch on fire when he allegedly instructed his 11-year-old son to light off a firework.

Accidents involving fireworks are a common hazard of Independence Day celebrations, and this year was no exception. A notable incident that occurred in the morning on July 4 took place on a residential street in Levittown, New York.

According to reports, an 11-year-old boy was hanging out with his father outside of their home. His dad had fireworks with him and reportedly gave one to his son and let him light it off. The child sparked the wick, but the firework malfunctioned and struck a nearby shed. The shed caught on fire, and the flames spread to their home, forcing the tenant who rents a room to vacate her space and run outside. The house next door also caught on fire, but the neighbors were not at home when the incident occurred.

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A Florida man without permanent residency is facing a felony charge after allegedly trying to rob a Sumter County bank for a penny.

On the afternoon of June 29, a man went into a Chase Bank located in Lady Lake. He reportedly retrieved a withdrawal slip and filled it out with information stating that he wanted to withdraw one cent. When he was finished with the slip, he approached one of the tellers and handed her the paper.

When she read the slip, she let the man know she wouldn’t be able to process the transaction since it was only for a penny. He allegedly responded with, “So you want me to say the other word?” The woman became concerned and alerted the police.

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An Iowa man was arrested after being stabbed by a woman with a pocketknife who was reportedly trying to get away from him while he allegedly violently attacked her.

Late in the afternoon on July 1, a woman was at her desk using her computer in a Dubuque apartment while a 36-year-old man who also resides there was hanging out and drinking. According to reports, the day turned violent when the man allegedly picked up her cell phone and threw it in the direction of the woman. The device reportedly struck her on the chin.

The man allegedly approached and overturned her desk. He reportedly began striking her and trying to pull off her clothing, in addition to inhibiting her from getting up by holding her down with his knee on her neck. The woman had a pocketknife within her reach, and she used it to stab the man so she could try to escape.

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A North Carolina man was arrested following an investigation into his allegedly deplorable living conditions involving an injured elderly woman and over 40 wolf-hybrid dogs.

At the beginning of June, deputies from the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office opened an investigation into a case of alleged animal cruelty and domestic elderly abuse they believe was happening in a Denton residence. When they inspected the property, they reported that in addition to a man and an elderly woman, approximately 40 wolf-hybrid dogs were found living at the home. The inside and outside were believed to be in unlivable condition for both the humans and the dogs.

The authorities asserted that the dogs had not been socialized, and they determined they were feral. When they had them checked by veterinary professionals, it was learned that the animals had been exposed to and were carrying various diseases. It was ordered by the court that they be humanely euthanized for community safety reasons.

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A Florida man was arrested after reportedly misidentifying and shooting at a Walmart delivery drone because he allegedly believed it was a surveillance drone.

On the afternoon of June 26, a Walmart store in Clermont was testing a new drone delivery system in a local residential neighborhood. Agents from the company “DroneUp,” who provide the drones to Walmart, were promoting the company by showing what they can do, and they sent it out on some fake deliveries to demonstrate.

During the event, a man spotted the drone as it flew over his home and reportedly became suspicious of it. He allegedly decided to respond to the purported infringement on his personal space by shooting the device with a handgun. The DroneUp staff immediately left when they heard the bang.

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