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A Florida man was arrested when he reportedly caused a scene at a liquor store, hit a maintenance worker, and headbutted a police officer after an alleged drunken hit-and-run.

On June 16, a Cape Coral man went to a local liquor store to purchase a small bottle of Fireball. While he was there, the man was polite and even engaged in conversation with another patron. He paid the cashier and left the store but came back about a half hour later.

According to an employee, when the man walked in the second time, he seemed intoxicated. He tried to buy more alcohol, but the clerk would not sell it to him. The man reportedly became verbally combative, and allegedly spit on the worker before exiting the store.

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A Boston high school crossing guard was arrested twice in the same day for first allegedly assaulting a woman with a sign, and later attacking two local news cameramen.

On June 3, a 68-year-old man who works as a high school crossing guard for the Taunton Public School District was on duty when he spotted a car stopped in front of him. He approached the vehicle and reportedly became aggressive with the driver, who was dropping her daughter off at school. The woman said she had been sneezing and had to stop for a moment, and he allegedly got loud with her and insisted she move the car immediately.

The situation escalated, and the man allegedly thrust the sign he was holding through the window on the passenger side where the 12-year-old girl was sitting. Her mother got out of the car, and the crossing guard allegedly knocked her down and kicked her while she was on the ground.

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A man without pants reportedly crashed a car through the glass entrance doors of a Florida jail before allegedly threatening to kill the police.

On the evening of June 3, the lobby at the Martin County Jail was quiet and empty until a man driving a Toyota sedan slammed into the glass doors leading to the lobby of the building. The vehicle came to a halt when it struck the steel doors.

The driver stepped out of the vehicle, and it was reported that he had a blouse on, but he was not wearing pants. He allegedly threatened to kill the law enforcement officers before pouring oil on the floor and telling them he was going to light a fire. He reportedly threw several rubber snakes on the ground as he continued making threats.

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Earlier this month, a Louisiana man who was wanted for years on warrants for crimes he allegedly committed between 2022 and 2024 was located and arrested on multiple charges.

According to reports, in 2022, a now 32-year-old man from Shreveport was involved in an incident on July 8 that led to his being accused of domestic violence on a woman who was pregnant at the time. The suspect evaded the authorities, so they issued an alert asking the public to help them locate him.

In 2023, a woman and her child were in their residence when a man suddenly and unexpectedly walked in. He reportedly grabbed a broom and began striking them. When the police investigated the incident, they believed it was the person involved in the event the previous July. They continued their search, but the man fled and continued to stay off the police’s radar.

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A Florida man was arrested after allegedly trapping a gas station attendant in the bathroom with him, attacking and cutting her with a box knife until the police arrived.

Early in the morning on June 1, a 62-year-old man went to a RaceTrac Gasoline Service Station in Longwood and bought a cup of coffee. It was reported that he left, but returned a bit later and went into the men’s bathroom.

He reportedly came out of the facilities and let one of the staff members know that there was no toilet paper, and asked if they could get some for him. When an employee went in to restock, the man, who reportedly had a box knife, allegedly trapped her and locked the door. He then reportedly attacked her and threw her on the ground. As she struggled to break free, the man allegedly started cutting her with the blade.

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The adoptive mother of a 22-year-old with special needs is facing multiple charges after she allegedly chained the woman to a bed frame by the neck and left her in her own excrement for almost a week.

Just after midnight on May 29, a woman returned home from the store and reportedly heard screaming coming from the second floor. When she went to inspect, the woman reportedly discovered her mentally disabled adopted older sister. She allegedly had a chain around her neck keeping her bound to the bed frame in the room. Her hips were held in place with a bicycle lock, and her sister found the key and freed her.

The authorities were notified, and it was reported that the mother returned to the residence until she learned the police were coming. Her younger daughter kept her away from the room. She did not want her mother to move anything around before the officers could inspect it. Before the police got there, the mother reportedly took the chain and lock and left the residence.

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A man in Tennessee reportedly fell through three hotel room ceilings while allegedly trying to get away from the police, who were pursuing him for suspicion of armed robbery at a Waffle House restaurant.

According to reports, around 1:00 AM on May 28, a 31-year-old man from Harriman allegedly walked into a Waffle House in Crossville with a folding knife. He reportedly walked up to two employees and assaulted them. Before he left the eatery, he allegedly stole $388. The authorities were notified about the alleged armed robbery, and officers from the Crossville Police Department headed to the location.

Before the police arrived, the suspect ran away from the property and headed through the woods behind a Marathon gas station. He reportedly ended up in the attic at a nearby Red Roof Inn, and when someone from the hotel called to report it, they suspected it was the man involved in the restaurant robbery.

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A 25-year-old California man is facing charges for allegedly assaulting two elderly people within three weeks, in addition to kicking a police officer during his booking.

According to reports, on May 4 and May 24, a man from Campbell reportedly attacked two elderly men. The first incident allegedly occurred when he walked past an elderly gentleman and reportedly struck him in the stomach with a closed fist. He started to flee on foot, but turned around and faced the alleged victim. The man took a picture of the alleged assailant, and it looked like he struck a pose for the shot before running off.

The authorities were notified, and the alleged victim asserted that the man in the photo was the person who hit him. The police circulated the image to see if anyone in the area recognized him.

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A Florida octogenarian was arrested after allegedly verbally and physically attacking her neighbor because she believed he was using too much water to wash his motorcycle.

Last week, a woman who resides in the Palm Lake Village 55+ Apartments in Dunedin reportedly had a problem with what one of her neighbors was doing. It was reported that the 72-year-old man was washing his motorcycle while it was parked in the road. His neighbor allegedly took offense to the amount of water he was using, so the woman walked up to him to confront him about it.

She reportedly began hollering at him about how much water was on the street and told him it was an excessive amount to use for washing the motorcycle. The woman also took a few pictures of the wet ground for proof of the perceived indiscretion and threatened to show them to the manager of the property.

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A man in Florida is facing charges after he allegedly kidnapped and beat his girlfriend with a brass knuckle knife before leaving her injured and alone in the woods.

On the evening of May 9, a 33-year-old man and his girlfriend went out for some drinks, and when they went back to his Titusville residence they got into an argument. According to his girlfriend, the man gets angry easily when he has alcohol. The situation became intense, and the man allegedly brought his girlfriend to his vehicle and forced her to climb into the trunk.

He reportedly drove approximately 5 miles to the Salt Lake Wildlife Management Area with the woman trapped in the trunk. They reached a woodsy area, and the man pulled over and let his girlfriend out.

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