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An Indiana man was arrested and jailed on over a dozen charges after allegedly robbing a fast-food restaurant at gunpoint, stealing a vehicle from the parking lot, leading the police on a chase, and illegally firing a gun.

Early in the morning on June 30, employees at a Taco Bell located in Fishers experienced a scare when a car with three people in it rolled up to the drive-thru window. According to reports, when the trio interacted with the staff, they allegedly ordered them to hand over cash while holding handguns. Before leaving the premises with the money, one of the people in the vehicle reportedly made off with an employee’s Dodge Challenger parked in the lot.

The authorities were notified, and officers from the Fishers Police Department followed up on the report. They searched nearby for the allegedly stolen car, and when they located it, they pulled over the driver. The man stopped the vehicle but reportedly ran off.

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A man in Mississippi is facing a multitude of charges after the authorities allegedly found enough narcotics to believe he was trafficking, in addition to having several firearms in his home.

According to reports, the authorities had been watching the activities at the Jackson, Mississippi, residence of a 38-year-old man who they believed was involved in drug trafficking. After obtaining a search warrant on June 11, Capitol Police officers went to the home with agents from the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics.

The man was there when they arrived, and law enforcement entered the home. During the search of the residence, in addition to two rifles, two shotguns, and a pistol, the authorities reportedly found meth, marijuana, cocaine, crack, oxycodone, morphine, and over two dozen pills, some of which were identified as Xanax.

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During the traffic stop of a dad in West Virginia, an officer allegedly found a gun in the vehicle and a 7-ounce bag of methamphetamine in his teenage daughter’s sweatshirt.

On June 9, a man was cruising down the highway in Arlington with his 2 daughters, ages 12 and 14. A deputy from the Upshur County Sheriff’s Office was patrolling the area, and they noticed that the vehicle had dark-tinted windows. They also believed the exhaust was unusually loud, so they performed a traffic stop.

The driver pulled over, and when he first talked to the deputy, he was asked for the usual items, such as proof of registration. When he was unable to give that to the deputy, the vehicle’s status was checked. In addition to having illegal inspection stickers, the authorities discovered the car was reported stolen in Ohio. The man explained he made a deal with the owner and traded his truck for the vehicle. He said he still had to take care of the title change.

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A teenager in New Jersey was arrested on multiple charges after the police chased him onto the roof of a Housing Authority building and allegedly caught him with an illegal firearm.

Early in the evening on May 4, three men, ages 19, 20, and 21, were hanging out in Hoboken. The trio were reportedly in the hallway of a Housing Authority building.

Someone called the police and reported that they believed the group was loitering in the building, and officers headed to the site. When they got there, the officers saw them on the fourth floor in the stairwell and reported that they knew the men did not reside at the address.

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A Delaware man without a valid driver’s license was arrested on several charges after reportedly passing out behind the wheel and causing a single-vehicle accident while allegedly driving under the influence of narcotics.

Just after midnight on April 17, a man from Smyrna was driving locally in a 2019 Volkswagen. According to reports, he did not have a valid license to be behind the wheel. During his travels, the man was the victim of an unfortunate accident when his vehicle struck a tree on the side of the road near the Dover Scrap Yard.

Emergency medical technicians were the first on the scene, and state troopers arrived shortly after. It was believed that the man suffered an overdose, causing him to pass out and lose control of the vehicle. He was given Narcan, and the man regained consciousness before he was transported to a nearby hospital.

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An armed South Carolina man was arrested after reportedly holding a woman, two children, and an infant hostage during a standoff with the authorities lasting several hours.

On the evening of April 17, a man, woman, infant, and two children were together in a Gaffney home when a domestic incident reportedly occurred. During the unrest, the woman reportedly became fearful and dialed 911 on her cell phone without the man knowing she called. She said she needed help and then put the phone down. The dispatcher reported that they were able to hear some of what they believed was going on in the home.

Officers from the Gaffney Police Department headed to the address while staying informed about what was heard on the other end of the phone. According to reports, they found out the man in the house was holding the baby while also holding a firearm.

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A man in New York is facing many charges after accusations that he was responsible for an incident resulting in a 10-month-old being admitted to a pediatric intensive care unit with cocaine in their system.

On March 22, a baby was at the Salem home of a 24-year-old man whose relationship with the infant has not been made public at this time. It was reported that there was cocaine in the household while the youngster was present. At some point, the infant reportedly inhaled the substance.

A call for emergency assistance was placed to 911, and first responders transported the baby to Glens Falls Hospital. After medical staff assessed and provided care for the child, it was determined that they should be admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit at Albany Medical Center.

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A Florida rapper with a criminal record is facing several charges after the police allegedly discovered drugs and firearms in his vehicle during a routine traffic stop.

According to the authorities, in addition to his rap music career, 26-year-old Jackboy is “a known convicted felon and documented gang member.”

It was reported that late in the evening on March 12, Port St. Lucie Police Department Special Investigations Division Gang Intelligence Unit Detectives spotted a Chevy Suburban, and believed the driver was using Facetime while navigating the vehicle. They also reported that the windows were a darker tint than is legally allowed, so they initiated a traffic stop.

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An underage driver suspected of driving under the influence with at least five passengers in the vehicle was arrested after reportedly leading the police on a high-speed chase.

Just after midnight on January 3, a juvenile was driving a vehicle in Hamilton County with four or five passengers who were believed to be underage.

A deputy with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office spotted the car and attempted to perform a traffic stop, but the driver of the vehicle allegedly ignored him and sped away. According to reports, the car was driven well over the posted speed limit, reaching speeds up to 90 MPH.

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Three Oregonians are facing several charges after they reportedly became engaged in an incident involving road rage with another driver and ripped him out of his vehicle before attacking him.

Late in the morning on December 28, three people from Roseburg, Oregon, were driving locally in a Chevrolet Avalanche. A 54-year-old woman was behind the wheel, and she was carrying two male passengers, both aged 32. They reportedly came across someone driving an RV, and the woman allegedly slammed into it with her vehicle and tried to run it off the road.

The driver of the RV and the woman driving the Avalanche pulled to the side of the street and stopped their vehicles. The men in the Avalanche reportedly got out of the truck and entered the RV without permission. While inside, they allegedly put a rope around the driver’s neck and pulled him outside. One of the men allegedly continued binding the man with the rope, while the other reportedly took the RV and parked it down the road.

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