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A former star from the TV reality show “Southern Charm” was arrested for driving under the influence with open containers of alcohol in her car after she allegedly caused a three-vehicle crash.

Katheryn Dennis is a 32-year-old mother of two, and she most notably starred in Bravo’s “Southern Charm” from seasons 2 – 8 after her supporting role in the first season. Dennis made it known that she struggled with drinking. She was successful when she quit drinking in 2018, but she reported that she started again in 2019. Fans speculated it could have been inspired by her feeling distressed after ending a toxic relationship.

On May 20, Dennis was driving in Goose Creek, South Carolina. When she approached a red light, she did not stop in time and she crashed into the car in front of her. The momentum from the impact forced that vehicle to hit the one stopped in front of it.

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A police officer arrested a woman for her 6th DUI after pulling her over when he reportedly saw her driving erratically.

Early in the morning on May 13, a woman was driving in Missoula, Montana, and, according to the authorities, she shouldn’t have been. According to reports, she made a right turn in sight of an officer from the Missoula Police Department, and they believed she was driving unsafely. She allegedly took the corner so wide that she momentarily crossed the double yellow line into the oncoming traffic lane. The officer performed a traffic stop.

The driver pulled over, and before the officer could get out, she started to walk toward his vehicle. He told her she needed to stand near the police car while they talked about the situation. The officer asked to see her license, but she said she did not have it with her. While they were talking, he reported that she showed signs of intoxication, and said he could smell what he believed was alcohol coming from her breath.

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A Florida man is facing charges after he was reportedly caught riding a lawn mower while under the influence of alcohol.

On the afternoon of April 30, a 64-year-old man from Oconee County traveled on the highway using a riding lawn mower as his mode of transportation. According to reports, earlier this year he was struck by a vehicle while riding a lawn mower. The man rode to a local Golden Pantry Food Store to purchase beer before he headed back home.

Deputies from the Oconee County Sheriff’s Department were on duty in the area, and they saw the man on the mower. They reported that they saw him lift a can to his mouth and take a sip, and they believed it was a beer can. The deputies approached the man to discuss the situation, and their suspicions were further raised when they thought they smelled alcohol on his breath.

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A man from Rhode Island is facing charges after police purported that he was driving under the influence of alcohol when he rolled his vehicle and crashed into a telephone pole.

Just after midnight on May 4, a 44-year-old man from Lincoln, Rhode Island, was driving a Mercedes on Old River Road. When he was across from the Lincoln Police Department in the Town Hall, he was in a single-vehicle accident. His car rolled over, remained upside down, and smashed into a telephone pole. The pole was “severed from the ground,” causing 911 emergency to be inaccessible for a while.

Officers went to the scene of the crash, and the driver was injured but was conscious and responsive when they started to talk to him. Without accounting for the fact that he had just been in a wreck, the officers noted that the man’s speech did not seem right, and his eyes were bloodshot. They believed this showed indications of him being under the influence of alcohol. According to reports, they wanted him to take roadside sobriety tests, but the man would not give his consent.

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A man in Florida was arrested at Leesburg Bikefest after allegedly driving a three-wheeler while under the influence of alcohol.

Last Friday, just before midnight, a 64-year-old man was driving a Slingshot “autocycle” in the vicinity of the Leesburg Bikefest. Two officers were walking in the area and saw the vehicle as the man was turning a corner. He allegedly struck the curb and then stopped in the street, and the police asserted that he took the turn too widely.

According to reports, they walked up to talk to the driver, who had a passenger with him, and they learned he was staying in The Villages. He reportedly said he was lost and momentarily lost control of the vehicle. While he was talking to them, the police believed he displayed signs of intoxication.

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A man in Illinois with several prior DUIs was accused again of driving under the influence after he smashed his vehicle into four parked cars and allegedly tried to run from the scene afterward.

On the evening of April 28, a man from Springfield was driving a Tahoe in an area where cars were parked on the side of the road.  It was reported that he had his travels interrupted when he crashed into four of the parked automobiles. The man, who was arrested on April 22 for allegedly driving under the influence, does not have a valid driver’s license.

According to reports, several people saw the accident as it happened. When the man stepped out of the vehicle, he allegedly tried to flee on foot. The bystanders began chasing him while the police made their way to the scene of the crash.

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A man who was previously arrested for allegedly barreling into the crowd at the Bakersfield Christmas Parade with over triple the legal BAC was arrested again last week for reportedly driving under the influence.

On December 7, a 72-year-old man from Bakersfield was parked near the path of the Christmas Parade. It was going to start soon, and crowds were gathering to watch the event when the man reportedly got behind the wheel of his truck and backed up. The vehicle reportedly entered the area where they were standing and struck one of the people, who was seriously injured in the accident.

The police reported that a test revealed his BAC was 0.28, and the man was arrested for four counts of assault with a deadly weapon, two DUI counts, and one count of obstructing or resisting a peace officer.

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A Delaware man without a valid driver’s license was arrested on several charges after reportedly passing out behind the wheel and causing a single-vehicle accident while allegedly driving under the influence of narcotics.

Just after midnight on April 17, a man from Smyrna was driving locally in a 2019 Volkswagen. According to reports, he did not have a valid license to be behind the wheel. During his travels, the man was the victim of an unfortunate accident when his vehicle struck a tree on the side of the road near the Dover Scrap Yard.

Emergency medical technicians were the first on the scene, and state troopers arrived shortly after. It was believed that the man suffered an overdose, causing him to pass out and lose control of the vehicle. He was given Narcan, and the man regained consciousness before he was transported to a nearby hospital.

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A Florida woman reportedly driving a golf cart with four times the legal BAC was arrested for her fifth DUI after allegedly scratching a car that belonged to a man that she was arguing with in a supermarket parking lot.

In the middle of the afternoon on Easter Sunday, a 45-year-old woman from The Villages visited a Winn-Dixie store at La Plaza Grande. She was operating a golf cart, and when she came to a stop sign a man walked across the street to get to the store entrance. The woman reportedly became angry and started yelling at him as he walked inside.

According to reports, she approached the driver’s side of the vehicle where his mother was sitting and left a noticeable scratch by dragging a key across the silver door. The man’s mom notified the authorities, and officers from the Lady Lake Police Department responded.

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Former Major League Baseball pitcher Chase Bradford was arrested in Nevada for allegedly driving under the influence following his graduation from the Henderson Police Academy.

Chasen Bradford is a former Major League Baseball pitcher who played for the New York Mets, Seattle Mariners, Atlanta Braves, and High Point Rockers during his sports career. Shortly after retiring in September 2022, Bradford was hired as a probationary police officer with the Henderson Police Department while he attended the Henderson Police Academy. On March 21, Bradford and the rest of his class graduated from the Academy.

According to reports, around 10:30 PM the following evening, someone saw a vehicle they believed was being driven erratically and they notified the authorities. The caller reportedly said she saw a gray truck weaving on the road, striking the medians and occasionally having its tires on the curb. A nearby on-duty officer saw a vehicle that was believed to be the one the woman called about, and he pulled over the driver.

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