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Boy Scout Leader and His Uncle Arrested in Heroin Bust

A man who volunteers as a leader for the Boy Scouts in Staten Island, NY, was taken into custody for accusations that he was selling heroin out of the basement at his uncles New Brighton home. His uncle is accused of the criminal activity as well.

Kevin Saunders has worked with the Boy Scouts of America as a volunteer for nearly a year. He began taking a significant interest in working with the children when one of his cousins, the son of his uncle Adam Soler, became a member of the organization, according to a statement from Saunders’ younger brother who is 22-years-old.

When the Staten Island Narcotics Heroin Overdose Task Force was investigating the origin of the illegal narcotics in one of the recent local fatal heroin overdoses, they believed the drugs had been obtained from Saunders, and they began to look into his activities. Their efforts led them to Soler’s home, and they suspected the heroin was being distributed from that location. On Friday they obtained a search warrant to inspect the premises.

Authorities searched the residence and 250 glassine envelopes of heroin, assorted weapons, and paraphernalia that they deemed was used for heroin and crack cocaine were allegedly found, as reported in court documents. Three children were on the premises during the raid and they were identified as Soler’s two children and a niece.

Soler, who was only found to have an association with the Boy Scouts through his child, was placed under arrest. It was discovered that he is currently facing drug charges in the state Supreme Court for which received in October. He is being held without bail as ordered by a judge in court on Monday.

Saunders was taken into custody and held in lieu of $25,000 bail. After his arrest, the Greater New York Councils of the Boy Scouts announced his immediate ban from taking part in any of their future functions.

In a statement released by Saunders’ defense attorney, it was reported that the only item found that would link Saunders to the allegations was a Cub Scouts ID badge. It was further declared that Saunders suffers from drug addiction, but that he was not a participant in the sales of an illicit substance.

A family member who wishes to remain anonymous spoke out reinforcing the defense’s claims by sharing that, to her knowledge, Sanders was in Soler’s home to provide babysitting services for the children and tend to odd jobs in exchange for drugs to support his habit.

Soler and Saunders are facing charges of criminal possession of a controlled substance, criminal possession of narcotic drugs, criminal use of drug paraphernalia, criminal possession of a weapon and failure to register a weapon. Due to the presence of the children in the home they were also charged with two counts of acting in a manner injurious to a child under 17. Soler was additionally charged with resisting arrest.

Saunders is scheduled to appear in court on January 25, and Soler’s next court appearance is to be held on February 1.

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