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4 Caught for Car Theft and Burglary After Butt-Dialing 911 

Four people from Missouri suspected of theft and burglary were tracked down after one of the men reportedly involved accidentally butt-dialed 911. 

Early in the morning on July 27, Cole County 911 received a call from someone who disconnected the line before they provided any information. 

The authorities found the location where the call came from, and Deputies from the Cole County Sheriff’s Office went to the address to see if someone needed help. 

When they spoke with the resident, they told the deputies that they did not call 911. While they talked to the authorities, the resident saw that one of their cars was missing. 

Using the information from the 911 call, the authorities believed they knew who stole the automobile. 

Around 10 minutes after the first reported car theft, the police were notified about a second auto theft-related incident. The caller said their car was parked in their garage, and someone went inside and stole the speakers and amplifiers from the vehicle. They also suspected the person swiped a credit card they left in the car. 

The alleged victim told the police they were notified that their credit card was being used at the Break Time Convenience Store. 

The surveillance video from the store was viewed by the authorities. They believed the person in the recording who was allegedly using the stolen credit card was the same person that made the initial 911 call. 

Deputies were sent to the suspect’s address, and they reported that a 3-year-old child and items asserted to be stolen from several victims were inside the home. 

Two women, ages 33 and 35, and two men, ages 32 and 35, whose names have not been disclosed, are believed to be in connection with the alleged crimes. 

The four suspects were each arrested on suspicion of felony stealing, tampering with a motor vehicle, theft of a motor vehicle, and fraud. 

The child was removed from the home by Family Services. 

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