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Cop Fired For Ignoring Woman Screaming About Her Kidnapped Kids

On August 25, an assailant rammed into a woman’s car and kidnapped her two children at gunpoint. As the kidnapper left the scene, the woman sought immediate help from authorities. She spotted a police vehicle approaching and flagged it down. “That’s him, that’s him, right there!” she shouted to the police officer who had stopped the car with the window down.

But instead of helping, the officer, who was on his way to a burglary call, yelled back at the woman, “Right here what, baby? I’m on a call!” and promptly drove away.

Police video cameras and microphones inside the vehicle captured the incident, along with images of what appears to be a lit cigarette in the hand of the police officer, another violation of department policy. An internal affairs investigation concluded that the officer placed individuals in greater danger than necessary by failing to take action as a police officer. They determined that he also made an inappropriate comment to a citizen, as well as the tobacco charge.

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