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An Extreme DUI

Police in Boulder, CO received a call about a man passed out in front of his car. When they investigated, medics were already tending to him, describing him as “drunk as crap.” The man was George Boedecker, the founder of Crocs footwear.

After telling police officers that he had pulled over to take a nap, he allegedly changed his story to say that his girlfriend was driving the vehicle. Since there was no woman present, officers questioned the identity of the female. Boedecker said she was a “really f—–g famous singer” and asked if they had ever heard of Taylor Swift.

His attitude toward the police reportedly became more belligerent after that. When asked for his address, he replied: “I have 17 f—–g homes.” Officers decided to arrest Boedecker on suspicion of driving under the influence or DUI, for obvious reasons (Taylor Swift being nowhere in sight.) Boedecker ended his rant by telling police he knew his “f—–g rights,” that he hoped the officer would “f—–g die,” and to “go f–k yourselves in the ass.”

In this case, (as in all DUI arrests), Miranda rights only kick in once an arrest is made. So, remember: everything that you say to police can and will be used against you, beginning from the moment you first speak to the officer. Often, the statements you make to the police will get you arrested.

Your best strategy? Politely refuse any field sobriety tests and accept only the chemical test. State that you wish to cooperate, but don’t want to answer any questions before speaking to an attorney. Choose an attorney with years of experience in fighting DUI cases. If you are facing a driving while intoxicated or DWI or DUI charge, call Orange County criminal attorney Staycie R. Sena for a free consultation at (949) 477-8088.

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