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Bartender Arrested for Attacking Patrons Over Vodka Brand 

A Colorado bartender is facing felony charges after allegedly becoming aggressive with several people upon learning that a customer was employed at a distillery that makes vodka he does not like. 

43-year-old Christopher Barker lives in Aspen Village, Colorado. He is a bartender at the Ocean Seafood & Raw Bar in Willits Town Center. 

Early in the evening on April 26, a woman who works for the Woody Creek Distillery was having drinks with a friend at the Ocean bar while Barker was on duty. 

The woman was wearing a shirt with the Woody Creek logo, and Barker reportedly took notice of the image. 

It was reported that Barker became confrontational and expressed his dislike for the distillery. He reportedly told the woman, “Your vodka sucks.” 

The pair decided to leave the establishment, and Barker allegedly tried to follow them. 

Barker’s manager and coworkers held onto the man and allowed the couple to exit safely. It was reported that Barker fought back and hit his manager in the face and stomach, in addition to injuring another employee’s hand. 

The owner of the Ocean told Barker that he needed to leave the premises. 

Barker walked out and strolled down the street, and it was reported the man saw the couple approximately one block away from the Ocean bar. 

They all gave each other “the finger” when they noticed each other, and the couple walked into the business that they were standing in front of. 

The man asked someone at the business if it would be okay for the woman to hide in the office because she felt afraid. 

While the woman was in the office, she called one of her friends, and they came to the location to try to help. 

When they arrived, the person interacted with Barker, and they began to fight. The man said Barker pulled out a knife used for opening the foil on wine bottles, and, in response, he made Barker aware that he was carrying a firearm. 

The police arrived, and they detained both men while they investigated the situation. 

People who reportedly saw the interaction claimed that the man only grabbed the gun after Barker, who allegedly had the knife in his hand, threatened to kill him. 

It was determined that Barker was at fault, and he was taken into custody and booked into the Eagle County Detention Center. He is expected to face charges for felony stalking, felony menacing, and threatening. Barker was released on a $2,500 bond the following day. 

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