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Burglar Befriended Dog and Washed the Dishes

The resident of an Ohio home notified the authorities when they allegedly had an unexpected drop-in from an unknown woman who let herself into the dwelling without permission.

On Monday morning, a homeowner in Hamden, Ohio, allegedly found themselves face-to-face with a woman who reportedly walked through an unlocked back door and took a seat on the couch next to the family dog.

The alleged burglar spent a bit of time showing the canine affection by petting it before she reportedly walked into the kitchen on her own accord and proceeded to clean the dishes that were in the sink before leaving.

The homeowner alerted law enforcement of the purportedly bizarre break-in and an officer went to the residence to speak with the alleged victim.

In the interim, someone had called in to report and describe a person that they thought appeared suspicious when she was seen knocking on doors of many of the houses in the neighborhood.

In the middle of talking with the resident, who was explaining that they thought the intruder was acting very oddly while inside the home, the police officer received notification about the report called in. It was determined that it could be the same woman that he was taking a statement about.

The reportedly courteous burglar was located, and upon first contact with the authorities, it was alleged that she had given them a different name than the one that was on legal record. The woman was later identified as Cheyenne Ewing.

It was purported by the police that based on her behavior, Ewing might be under the influence of an altering substance. It was noted on the police report that Ewing explained she had not gotten any sleep for two days straight.

Ewing was placed under arrest and booked on charges for burglary, and she was held in lieu of $10,000 bond.

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