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Burglar took Esteemed Ukulele While Owner was Home

An alleged thief in Hawaii was arrested after reportedly illegally entering a home and stealing a valued ukulele while the owner was feet away from the door.

Aulii Mitchell resides in Kailua, where he feels he can leave his door and windows unlocked without fear of a break-in.

On Thanksgiving Day, Mitchell, who is a Kumu Hula, which means he is skilled in teaching the art of Hula, had a student at his residence.

The pair were in the middle of making Kapa, a fabric made from trees and shrubbery, when a man allegedly approached Mitchell’s door and let himself into the residence.

The suspect reportedly grabbed Mitchell’s ukulele, and the alleged theft victim unsuccessfully tried to catch him before he fled on a moped.

Mitchell reported the incident to the authorities, and he said he had been under severe mental duress since the event took place.

The next day, Mitchell said he went for his regular ride in a local park on his bicycle while wearing a face mask and helmet.

During his ride, Mitchell believed he heard the strumming of a ukulele.

When he scanned the area, Mitchell said he spotted the man that he believed walked into his home and made off with the instrument.

He notified the police, and Mitchell told them where he had encountered the alleged burglar.

When officers went to the place in the park that Mitchell provided, they reported that they saw a man playing a ukulele and suspected he was the offender they were seeking.

The police took the suspect into custody, and they returned the instrument, which Mitchell said was damaged, to the alleged victim.

The ukulele reportedly had stickers affixed to the body, and the hole beneath the strings had something stuffed inside.

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