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Burglary Suspect in Gorilla Costume Frightened 6-Year-Old

A Tennessee man wearing a gorilla costume allegedly entered the home of residents with whom he was not acquainted causing a 6-year-old girl to become afraid when she encountered him.

31-year-old Richard Muzick resides in the Old Hickory neighborhood of Nashville.

On April 26, Muzick was reportedly wearing a gorilla suit while in the town of Mt. Juliet when he approached a home around 2:00 pm.

When Muzick allegedly entered the dwelling of the unknown residents he came face-to-face with a 6-year-old girl who reportedly became very startled by the stranger’s presence in her home.

While still donning the primate costume, Muzick reportedly made his way through the home and went out into the yard where he encountered one of the adult residents of the house.

The person concluded that Muzick had walked through the home in his journey to the yard, and they reported that they became confrontational with the allegedly unknown and uninvited intruder.

Officers from the Mt. Juliet Police Department were notified about the alleged incident and dispatched to the residence, but it was reported that Muzick had fled on foot.

The police searched for Muzick and said that the man was in a location not far from the reported burglary and he was still wearing the costume.

When he was asked by the police about the reported incident that had taken place at the home with the child, Muzick reportedly said that he was looking for a specific person and he did not know that he was in the wrong house.

Muzick was taken into custody and he was booked into the Wilson County Jail. He is expected to face charges for suspicion of aggravated burglary for the accusations.

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