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Car Passenger Fled when Caught with Drugs During Traffic Stop 

A man was arrested after he reportedly fled from the scene of a traffic stop where the police found hundreds of fentanyl pills and almost 3 ounces of amphetamine. 

Late in the evening on September 18, the authorities reported that they spotted the driver of a black Chrysler minivan cruising around with a man in the front passenger seat. The vehicle reportedly did not have its taillights on. 

A traffic stop was performed, and one of the officers went to the passenger’s side of the vehicle. It was noted that the passenger was not wearing a seatbelt. The man also seemed like he was having a tough time sitting still. 

The officers agreed that the minivan reeked of marijuana, and they asked the men about the alleged pungent stench. 

The men told the police that it must have been a lingering smell stuck on them from when they recently spent time with someone who smokes marijuana. 

The police told the men that they would need to get out of the vehicle so they would be able to search the interior. 

According to reports, both men got out of the car. The driver stayed in place, but the passenger allegedly started to leave the area on foot. 

The police reported that they tried to ask the man if he had a firearm or any other weapons, and he allegedly told them they could pat him down. Before they could check the man, he reportedly ran away and jumped over a nearby fence. 

When the minivan was searched, it was reported that the driver said marijuana belonging to the passenger was inside. 

The police reportedly found 347 fentanyl pills, 2.7 ounces of amphetamine, a scale and two hollow-point bullets inside a hydra-flask, and marijuana stored in a shopping bag. The authorities believed all of it belonged to the passenger. 

When the suspect was found hiding on the ground behind a bush, the police approached carefully since they could not confirm whether he had a weapon. He was arrested at gunpoint. 

The suspect was booked into the Bannock County Jail without bond. He may face charges of two felony counts of drug possession with intent to deliver, misdemeanor resisting arrest, and misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia. 

He could spend the rest of his life in prison if he is convicted of the charges. 

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