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Car Thief Caught with Human Remains in Truck Bed 

A Las Vegas man suspected of stealing vehicles was reportedly found with human body parts in the back of the truck when he was pulled over by the police. 

In the afternoon on December 23, on-duty patrol officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department tried to pull over a man driving a truck. 

The driver allegedly sped up instead of stopping, and the police called for backup while they tried to chase after him. 

While they had the suspect under surveillance by air, it was reported that the driver was seen ditching the truck he was initially driving. He then reportedly got into a different truck before he continued to flee from the police. 

The air unit told the pursuing officers that the suspect appeared to have parked at a nearby apartment complex. 

When the officers caught up with the man, they reported that he started to throw objects at them. They were eventually able to approach him, and he was identified as 57-year-old Eric Holland. 

The authorities researched both vehicles used in the alleged pursuit of Holland, and they reported that the trucks had been reported stolen. 

Police inspected the vehicles, and when they looked inside the bed of the truck Holland was reportedly driving just before he was apprehended, they found human body parts, including a severed head. It was asserted that Holland is “a suspect in the homicide.” 

Holland was booked into the Clark County Detention Center. He is facing charges of using another person’s identification, auto embezzlement of more than $3,500, intent to use a false check, theft of more than $3,500 from outstanding warrants, and one charge of open murder. 

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