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Cheating Husband Took a Beating When Wife Walked In

When a Florida woman walked into her home and found her husband having sexual intercourse with another woman, she allegedly reacted by busting holes in walls and giving the man a black eye.

29-year-old Nicole Denison, her husband of three years, and their two children live together in Safety Harbor, Florida.

Late in the evening on July 22, Denison returned to the residence and walked in on her husband and a woman with whom he was having sex.

She was reportedly so blindsided by the sight of the affair that she allegedly became highly emotional and began to vent her feelings physically.

When Denison approached her husband, she allegedly assaulted him and caused mild abrasions on his body, in addition to jabbing him in the eye with her fist and causing it to blacken.

After the alleged bodily expression of her discontent, Denison reportedly retrieved her husband’s acoustic guitar from where it was resting.

As she held it in her hands, Denison was said to have destroyed the musical instrument by striking it against the wall with enough force that it allegedly shattered to pieces. When it made contact with the wall, the guitar allegedly broke through and knocked down the shelves in the closet on the other side.

Denison was taken into custody on the morning of July 28 for the accusations, and she is facing charges for suspicion of misdemeanor domestic battery.

After she spent a few hours in the Pinellas County Jail Denison was released on her own recognizance, and she was granted permission to return to the home where she and the alleged victim reside with their children.

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