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Children Used as Lookouts While Woman Steals Dozens of Video Games

A North Carolina woman who went to a Target store has been accused of using two juveniles to help guard her against getting caught while she allegedly stole several video games.

Jacksonville resident 29-year-old Ashley Nicole Reed was frequenting a Target store in Raleigh accompanied by two young siblings, ages 6 and 10.

While she was in the store, Reed, who is said to have made the plans with a member of her family, allegedly staged two different attempts to steal dozens of Nintendo Switch video games. She reportedly used one child at a time to watch out for possible approaching employees in each of the incidents so that she would not get caught.

When Reed made one pass to allegedly try to swipe the games she set up the 10-year-old girl that was with her and told her to alert her if anyone was approaching as she snatched 15 of the electronic games. In a second incident where she returned to the video game section, she reportedly staged the girl’s 6-year-old brother to inform her of oncoming exposure. Reed allegedly took 19 more games.

Reed was taken into custody and booked into the Wake County Jail where she has been charged on suspicion of three felony counts comprised of one count of larceny, one count of conspiracy to commit larceny, and one count of organized retail theft. She is also being charged with two misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

A $10,000 bail was set for Reed’s release with the conditions added that she is prohibited from entering any Target store location and that she is not allowed to have any interactions with the relative she allegedly conspired with in the incident.

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