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Cop and Girlfriend Stole from Walmart by Exploiting Self-Checkout

A Florida police officer and his girlfriend were arrested after allegations that they stole items at Walmart on four separate occasions by using self-checkout and failing to scan several pieces of merchandise.

Last weekend, a man who worked as an officer for the Haines City Police Department for approximately four years went to a Walmart store in Mulberry. He was accompanied by a woman later identified as his girlfriend. When they finished their shopping, they headed to the self-checkout to ring up the items.

According to reports, an employee noticed that some of the items were bagged without first being scanned. They approached the couple and told them they could ring up the skipped merchandise, but they allegedly continued skipping some of the items they reportedly took.

They headed towards the exit, but before they could leave the store, security intercepted and stopped them. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office was notified about the situation, and the suspects were held at the scene until law enforcement arrived.

When the deputies got there, they were told that the pair paid approximately $200, but that they tried to walk out of the store with over $340 worth of merchandise. The employees informed the deputies that they saw the couple bag some of the items without scanning them.

Both suspects were arrested and booked into the Polk County Jail in Bartow. The now-former officer is facing preliminary charges of five counts of retail petit theft, and the woman is expected to face charges for four counts of retail petit theft. They were both released on bond. After his arrest, the man resigned from his position with the police department.

It was reported that upon further investigation, the store learned that goods were allegedly taken by the same man on three additional occasions, and his girlfriend was with him for all but one of the times.

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