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Cops Chase Down Suspect Trying to Lure Girls Into Vehicle

A man who is suspected of trying to get young girls to enter his vehicle was taken into custody after forcing the authorities to pursue him.

Around 4:00 pm on Friday, Garden Grove police were responding to reports of a man who was allegedly trying to convince young women that they should get into his vehicle.

When the officers came upon the vehicle that was described and tried to pull the driver over he reportedly did not stop for them, though he was reported as obeying the traffic lights during the chase.

The officers already in pursuit were joined by the Anaheim police and it was decided to employ tactical maneuvers to get the driver to stop his vehicle.

After coming to a halt the driver allegedly still would not exit the vehicle, and after a pepper ball was shot through the back window the suspect stepped outside.

The man, identified as 33-year-old Jacob Lee Davis, was placed under arrest and taken to the Orange County Jail.

Davis is facing charges for failure to yield, child annoyance, and an arrest warrant that was discovered in his name for allegations of domestic violence in Huntington Beach.

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