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Cops Followed Blood Trail to Skate Shop Bandit

When the police were searching for the perpetrator of a robbery at a skateboard shop, the suspect was tracked by following drops of blood that left a trail to the purported thief’s whereabouts.

On Saturday morning, police were in the process of following up on an alert that the Stix Ride Shop in the Pomona Valley had been broken into.

When they arrived at the establishment the authorities reported that there was broken glass from what appeared to have come from the storefront window, which had been smashed and destroyed.

The officers additionally found blood that they suspected came from the person responsible for the damaged glass.

The blood reportedly laid out a pathway that the police then followed, conveniently leading them directly to Bryan Garcia, 18, from Pomona.

Garcia was allegedly wearing a beanie with the shop logo and price tag on it when the officers came into contact with him. When they inspected the surrounding area they allegedly found two shirts, a hat, and a skateboard in a garbage can, and they purported it was merchandise Garcia had taken after allegedly breaking the window to enter the store.

The authorities confiscated the allegedly pilfered spoils and gave the items back to their rightful owner, and Garcia was jailed and charged with commercial burglary and possession of stolen property.

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