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Cops Found Child in Home Filled With Fleas and Feces

A woman is facing charges after police discovered she had a 6-year-old child reportedly living in deplorable and unsanitary conditions such as boarding with dogs with heavy flea infestations and feces-covered floors.

58-year-old Toni Reid lives with a 6-year-old child in an area in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

On April 22, the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office received notification that Reid was locked out of her home, and it was believed that a child was the one who had barred her from entering.

Deputies were able to get inside, and they reported that the house contained three dogs that were completely riddled with fleas. The condition of the home was reportedly unclean with piles of dog feces laying around that looked like they had been stepped in by a human foot. Urine was also allegedly detected on the floor of the residence.

The child was not immediately visible, but the deputies found them inside of a closet where the youngster was purportedly trying to stay concealed.

When the child’s room was checked the authorities reported that they found a mattress without any sheets or blankets laying on the ground, and it was allegedly so worn out that the inner springs were showing. The mattress was allegedly the only thing in the room.

When talking to Reid about the condition of the interior of the home the authorities reported that the woman said she keeps the residence clean and the child makes the messes.

On May 1, the authorities were granted a warrant and they placed Reid under arrest for accusations of child neglect.

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