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Cops Found Loaded Gun and Fireworks in DUI Suspect’s Vehicle

When a man in Las Vegas was pulled over for reportedly driving more than double the posted speed limit, the authorities allegedly found a loaded gun and marijuana in his vehicle, in addition to a huge stash of fireworks in his trunk.

Just after 11:00 PM on July 8, an officer from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department spotted a vehicle allegedly being driven recklessly and reportedly going well over the speed limit. It was reported that the driver also allegedly almost caused several accidents with other cars on the road.

The officer performed a traffic stop, and when they interacted with the driver, they said he showed several intoxication indicators, such as a slow response time.

It was not reported whether the driver performed any roadside sobriety or breath tests at the scene, but the officer informed him that he was being taken into custody for suspicion of driving under the influence.

According to reports, the man told the officer that a loaded firearm was in the car. He also informed them that there was a bullet in the chamber.

When the inside of the vehicle was inspected, a loaded handgun was found as described by the suspect. They also allegedly discovered jars with remnants of what was assumed to be marijuana, multiple THC pens, and an undisclosed number of joints.

It was reported that when the trunk was searched many fireworks were found.

The man was placed under arrest and booked into the Clark County Detention Center. He is facing preliminary charges of DUI, disregard for the safety of a person or property, reckless driving with disregard of a person or property, possession of a gun while under the influence, and a fireworks violation.

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