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Costa Mesa Limiting DUI Checkpoints

Many cities throughout Southern California set up multiple DUI sobriety checkpoints during weekends and holidays. Costa Mesa, however, is choosing to conduct fewer checkpoints in favor or more DUI saturation patrols.  By doing so, arresting officers are able to target more drunk drivers on any given night without having to announce the time and location prior to its commencement.

Unlike DUI sobriety checkpoints which are structured, DUI saturation patrol officers are able to roam the cities, ensuring the safety of motorists without having to make a big scene. Most motorists are able to research the DUI checkpoint locations and oftentimes, avoid a certain location knowing a checkpoint is scheduled to occur.  The city of Costa Mesa believes that by reducing the amount of DUI checkpoints and relying more on DUI saturation patrols, officers can be more effective in arresting those who have been driving under the influence.

If you happen to be arrested during either a DUI sobriety checkpoint or a DUI saturation patrol, contact our Orange County DUI Defense Attorney as soon as possible. We will look into your case to make sure that the arrest was done lawfully and in accordance to specific guidelines.

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