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Couple Arrested After Attacking Officer with Plastic Top Hat 

A woman celebrating New Year’s Eve at a Florida eatery was arrested on a felony charge after allegedly throwing a plastic top hat at an officer at the establishment. 

Last weekend, an Ohio woman and her husband were on holiday in the St. Petersburg section of the Gulf Coast. 

On New Year’s Eve, the couple went to a downtown restaurant where they took part in the midnight celebration to welcome the start of 2023. 

While they were there, the man reportedly got into a situation involving a battery. It was believed that he was the alleged aggressor, and the authorities were notified. 

Officers from the St. Petersburg Police Department went to the restaurant and started talking to the suspect about the incident. 

The man’s wife was standing near them, and the woman listened to the discussion between the officer and her husband. It was reported that she began trying to insert herself into the conversation.  

The police reported that the woman continued to interrupt their interaction with her husband, and they told her that she needed to stop talking. 

It was reported that the woman became angry and became vocally aggressive toward the officer. She reportedly began to yell and use foul language. She also allegedly threw a plastic top hat at the officer, reportedly hitting them in the face. 

When the police tried to handcuff the woman, they claimed she did not cooperate. 

Her husband reportedly stepped in and tried to fend for the woman, and he was also placed under arrest. 

The woman was booked into the Pinellas County Jail for allegations of felony battery on a law enforcement agent, and misdemeanor resisting arrest. 

Her husband was also booked into the county jail. He is accused of battery and resisting arrest. 

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