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CVS Photo Printing Device Used for Explicit Child Pics

An investigation into claims that a man used a machine at a drugstore to print pornographic pictures of children has led to the arrest of a suspect.

On January 18, an employee at a CVS pharmacy was hailed down by a customer who was having trouble operating the machine inside the store that allows one to print hard copies off of digital storage devices.

The patron reportedly said he was struggling to access the images that he had saved on his phone’s memory, which inhibited the process of turning them into photographs.

The store clerk interpreted the man’s behavior as sketchy when he offered to give him a hand and he allegedly would not permit any kind of access to his cell phone.

Eventually, the customer was able to work out the kinks in the process of using the equipment, went to the register and presented a rewards card, and reportedly proceeded to pay for the prints in addition to items such as KY lubricant and water-resistant cocoa butter.

The skeptical employee called the sheriff’s department and informed them of the allegedly unnerving interaction with the man, and they began to investigate the claim.

The printing kiosk’s storage was reviewed, and the authorities reportedly saw a record of pictures printed from the machine that contained naked young girls.

Three days later, a man who is believed to be the same customer who had printed out the alleged child porn visited the same CVS location and again reportedly used the printer. In this batch of pictures, it was reported that the man had also uploaded an image of himself, giving the authorities something to help them try to identify the perpetrator of the allegedly heinous acts.

Using the rewards card number information presented during checkout at CVS, the selfie, and a picture on record at the Department of Motor Vehicles, the police named 67-year-old former family doctor William Robert Burkey as the likely suspect they were seeking.

Within a 48-hour period of deciding he was the perpetrator of the printings, Burkey’s home was subject to a search which allegedly uncovered a stash of additional material depicting naked young girls.

On March 4, Burkey was jailed on felonies consisting of four counts of possessing photographs depicting child sex conduct, and five counts of knowingly possessing sexual photographs of children.

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