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Dad tried to Drown 2-Year-Old in Pond at Campground 

A Southern California father was arrested after allegedly locking his son in the car while he tried to drown his 2-year-old daughter in a pond at a children’s mountain camp. 

Late in the morning on October 25, a 42-year-old dad from San Bernardino reportedly put his kids in the car and drove to the PALI Institute Mountain Camp in Running Springs close to Lake Arrowhead. 

A science camp was in progress when they arrived, and the father reportedly took his 2-year-old out of the vehicle and locked the door, leaving his 5-year-old son alone inside.  

It was reported that the man walked his daughter through the camp until they reached a pond. 

He allegedly brought her to the water and tried to drown the toddler, but the camp staff on-site noticed that something out of the norm was happening and they rushed over to the body of water. 

The staff took the children away from their father and waited for the authorities to arrive. 

Deputies and Running Springs Fire arrived, and both youngsters were taken to the hospital in case they needed medical attention. 

According to a release by the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department, “Detectives from the San Bernardino County Crimes Against Children Division served a search warrant at [the suspect’s] residence in San Bernardino and obtained evidence related to the investigation.”   

The man was taken into custody and transported to the hospital for medical treatment. When he was released, he was booked into the Central Detention Center in lieu of a $1 M bond. He is facing charges of attempted murder. 

It was reported that the children were assessed and believed to be in stable condition. 

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