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“Dance Moms” Instructor Pleaded Not Guilty to Sex Abuse

A Florida man who was a dance instructor that appeared on the television show “Dance Moms” was charged with several felonies for allegations that he had sexual relations with some of his underage students.

25-year-old Kevin Cosculluela is a resident of Windermere, Florida.

Cosculluela was an instructor for young dancers at the Peaches Dance and Music Orlando, and in 2018 he was on the television show “Dance Moms.”

During his time working with the dancers, Cosculluela reportedly formed close, friendly connections with the students. He sometimes went to their homes for family celebrations and stayed in touch with them on social media.

Last December, two of the underage students, ages 16 and 17, reported Cosculluela for allegations that he forced them to engage in sexual acts.

One of the girls said Cosculluela brought her to his home and coerced her to pleasure him orally, and the other reported that he exchanged naked pictures with her online.

The teenagers additionally reported that Cosculluela caused them to fear him by yelling and threatening to cease working with them if they were non-compliant.

According to official documents, the girls reported that they were star-struck by Cosculluela for being on a TV show, and they didn’t want to do anything to cause him to suspend their dance lessons.

An investigation was opened by the Winter Garden police, Orange County Sheriff’s deputies, and the Department of Children and Families, and Cosculluela was fired from his job at the studio.

Cosculluela was arrested and charged with seven felonies including solicitation of a minor, and lewd and lascivious conduct, illegal use of a communication device, and sexual battery.

He bonded out and has pleaded not guilty to the allegations against him.

When his coworker was interviewed by the authorities, he asserted that Cosculluela always appeared professional and caring with the girls and had never witnessed inappropriate behavior.

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