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Defense Attorney Faked Seizure During Assault Arrest

A defense attorney from North Carolina was arrested after allegedly faking a seizure during her arrest for reportedly striking a woman in the face several times during an argument.

On April 15, a defense attorney was at her law office in Charlotte. According to reports, she was speaking to a woman she suspected was having an affair with one of the firm’s clients who had been to the office earlier in the day. The situation intensified when the attorney allegedly began to yell and use profanity, and then reportedly hit the woman in the face five times. She also allegedly scratched her and caused her to bleed.

The authorities were notified, and officers from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department went to the business to assist. They assessed the situation, and when they reportedly saw blood under the attorney’s nails, the police assumed it was from the cuts on the alleged victim’s face.

She was taken into custody, and the woman reportedly became uncooperative with the officers. According to reports, she kicked one of them in the leg while, and when a different officer put her into the police vehicle. She allegedly continued struggling inside the vehicle, and when one of the car doors was opened by an officer, she was able to get out. She reportedly laid on the ground and yelled while kicking, and it was believed that she was having a seizure.

While one of the emergency medical technicians was helping to put her in the ambulance to take her to the hospital, the woman allegedly spit on them.

At the hospital, the woman allegedly said she faked having a seizure.

The woman was transported and booked into the Mecklenburg County Jail. She is facing preliminary charges of one count of simple assault, one count of assault on a government official or employee, and two counts of malicious conduct by a prisoner. According to records, she was released after posting bond.

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