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Dentist Used Club to Attack Man at Golf Course

In the middle of a game of golf, a Florida man allegedly approached a walking couple and beat the male with a golf club over a dispute regarding the rules of the course.

Last weekend, a dentist from Leesburg and his son were at the Harbor Hills Country Club golf course in Lady Lake. While they were playing a game of golf, the dentist reportedly spotted a couple walking down the nearby path.

According to reports, the golfer began hollering at the spouses, ordering them to stop walking on a path designed only for golf carts. The dentist and the golfer reportedly got into a dispute, and things became physical.

The dentist allegedly made the first move by spitting in the man’s face. He reportedly used his golf club to hit the man in the leg. The alleged victim threw his plastic water bottle at the man, but he was reportedly struck with the instrument several more times.

Deputies showed up at the scene and saw that the alleged victim was seriously injured and in immediate need of medical care. When the emergency medical techs examined him, they believed he might have obtained a traumatic brain injury, several broken ribs, a broken jaw, and his earlobe was torn.

The suspect’s son told the authorities that he watched the whole incident as it unfolded, and he believed his father hit the man with the golf club by accident.

The dentist was placed under arrest and booked into the Lake County jail. He is expected to face charges of aggravated battery. He was released from custody after posting a $5,000 bond.

The alleged victim reported that he is having a hard time healing physically and mentally since the attack.

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