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Deputies Wrestled Man Wearing Plastic Bag on Genitals

A Spartanburg man wearing only a plastic bag over his genitals reportedly forced deputies to wrestle him to the ground when they tried to detain him.

41-year-old Michael Boatman is a married South Carolinian who recently reportedly had an affair.

In an attempt to right his alleged wrong, Boatman reportedly chose to take what he dubbed a “walk of shame” to try to repair the damage to his relationship.

Just after 1:00 AM, three deputies were driving down a local street when they saw Boatman, without clothing, in the middle of his alleged remorseful stroll.

When trying to approach the man, the deputies reported that he would not stop when they asked. He was additionally allegedly holding a blunt in his hand.

Boatman reportedly explained the situation between himself and his significant other and asked the authorities to allow him to complete his task.

When he was reportedly informed it would not be possible, Boatman allegedly ignored the deputies and started to walk away.

After unsuccessfully trying to stop him by grabbing his arm, three deputies implemented several techniques to try to subdue Boatman as he struggled to free himself. One of the deputies reported using a “mandibular angular pressure point for pain compliance.”

Proceeding the scuffle with the nude man, the deputies cuffed Boatman, and he was put into a patrol car for transport.

While he was in the car with the deputies, Boatman reportedly informed one of the officers of his intent to break out of jail. He additionally allegedly asked a deputy to shoot him.

Boatman was booked at the Spartanburg Sheriff’s Office. He is facing charges for allegations of indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, marijuana possession, and resisting arrest.

According to booking records, Boatman is being held on a $6,000 bail.

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