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Driver Accused of DUI for Marijuana Consumption

When deputies in the Florida Keys pulled over a vehicle because they suspected that the driver was under the influence of alcohol they allegedly discovered drugs and paraphernalia leading them to believe that he was stoned instead of drunk.

On Saturday in the late afternoon, it was reported that several people called 911 in order to notify the authorities about the driver of a vehicle that they believed was operating his car erratically, and they were worried that he was going to cause an accident.

A police sergeant was working in the area that the callers had seen the Mustang GT allegedly being operated in an alarming manner and he was able to get the driver to come to a stop.

When the sergeant approached the driver, 46-year-old Michael Allen Holt, and asked him to roll down his window Holt instead opened the door and a strong marijuana smell was reportedly detected.

Holt said that he did not have any marijuana in the car, but his vehicle was searched and in addition to allegedly finding three different strains of cannabis it was reported that he had hallucinogenic “magic” mushrooms, a grinding device commonly used for marijuana, a digital scale, and several packs of rolling papers inside.

After he failed a roadside sobriety test Holt was arrested and booked into the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department’s detention center where he is facing charges of possession of marijuana, possession with intent to sell, and DUI. He is being held in lieu of $56,000 bond.

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