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Driving Movie Watcher Slammed Tesla into Cop Cars

A North Carolina man was reportedly in his Tesla using autopilot while watching a film on his phone when he allegedly caused an accident involving two police vehicles.

66-year-old Devainder Goli is a resident of Raleigh, and he works as an emergency room physician at the Halifax Regional Medical Center.

Around midnight last Wednesday, Goli was reportedly driving his Tesla down Highway 64.

Goli allegedly switched on the autopilot navigation feature in his car and reportedly proceeded to watch a movie on his cell phone allowing the Tesla to have solo control.

During his ride, Goli came up to a section of the highway where a Nash County deputy and state trooper had parked their cars while at the scene of an accident.

The law enforcement offers were not inside their vehicles when Goli approached in the Tesla, but the trooper reported that he heard the sound of squealing tires and instinctively shoved the deputy out of what was perceived as a possibly harmful situation.

It was reportedly that Goli’s car smashed into the deputy’s vehicle with enough force that it slid into the trooper’s car. Both officers’ vehicles were reported as being totaled in the event.

After it was asserted that Goli was paying attention to the film instead of co-piloting his vehicle, he was charged for driving while viewing any television, computer, or video player, in addition to a move over violation.

None of the people involved in the accident were reported as being harmed.

It was reported by news outlets that when they tried to reach out for a statement from Tesla regarding the event, no one from the company had issued a reply yet.

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