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Drunk Couple Charged for Having Sex in Public During Rush Hour

A man and woman who were reportedly intoxicated and in the act of having sexual intercourse on the ground and in plain sight of the many travelers passing the high-traffic area are facing charges for the allegations.

48-year-old Tony Willis and 42-year-old Verna LeClair are lovers that reside in the Oklahoma City area.

On June 15, during rush hour traffic around 5:30 pm, Willis and LeClair were allegedly seen under a tree in the vicinity of a local tire shop. The spot that they had chosen to occupy was reported as fully visible from both sides of the busy street where it was located.

A woman who had stopped at the tire shop saw the couple and realized that they were engaged in sexual intercourse and that she, in addition to all of the cars passing by, was able to see what they were doing.

The woman notified the authorities and reported that she saw the man with his pants pulled down and he was mounting a woman.

When officers from the Oklahoma City Police Department dispatched to the location the woman gave them, they reported that Willis and LeClair were still in the act of intercourse. When they made their presence known Willis allegedly decided to stop the encounter with LeClair, and the police believed that both of them were under the influence of alcohol.

Willis and LeClair were taken into custody and booked in the Oklahoma County Jail and they are facing charges on suspicion of public drunkenness, and indecent exposure. Willis was ordered a $5,000 bond, and LeClair was issued a $3,000 bond. As of June 22, they were still incarcerated.

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