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Drunk Teens Hid in Stranger’s Garage after Hit-and-Run  

Two teenagers are facing charges after they were in a drunk driving accident at a private residence and fled the scene before the authorities arrived. 

Just before 7:00 am on November 12, a 13-year-old in Ukiah was driving an SUV that belongs to one of her relatives. She had a 15-year-old passenger with her. 

The driver slammed the SUV into a parked vehicle, causing the car to crash into a garage attached to a residence. 

People who live around the home reported that they witnessed the crash. 

It was reported that both teens got out of the SUV and started to leave the area on foot, and the residents who saw the accident tried to trail them before they could get away. 

The girls were able to escape from the people following them when they found an unlocked garage and ducked inside. 

The residents were home at the time, and when one of them walked into the garage they found the girls hiding. They notified the authorities about the alleged intruders. 

Officers from the Ukiah Police Department located the young women and reported that they believed both were under the influence of alcohol. 

When the police talked to them about the situation, the girls both reported they were feeling pain in their chest area. It was surmised that they were injured by the airbags in the SUV. 

The teens were taken to the hospital for medical treatment. 

After she was released from the hospital, the 13-year-old was taken into custody for driving while impaired, minor driving with a BAC +.05%, minor transporting alcohol, hit and run, and trespassing in an occupied dwelling. She was taken to Probation at Mendocino County Juvenile Hall. 

The passenger is also accused of trespassing in an occupied dwelling, but she was released to her parents. 

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