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DUI Suspect Accused of Several Assaults Following Hit-and-Run

A Florida man was arrested when he reportedly caused a scene at a liquor store, hit a maintenance worker, and headbutted a police officer after an alleged drunken hit-and-run.

On June 16, a Cape Coral man went to a local liquor store to purchase a small bottle of Fireball. While he was there, the man was polite and even engaged in conversation with another patron. He paid the cashier and left the store but came back about a half hour later.

According to an employee, when the man walked in the second time, he seemed intoxicated. He tried to buy more alcohol, but the clerk would not sell it to him. The man reportedly became verbally combative, and allegedly spit on the worker before exiting the store.

In a separate encounter, the man, who was driving a white truck, reportedly smashed into the back of an SUV and another vehicle. A woman was walking to the store and reported that she saw the accident, and said the driver sped away afterwards.

Officers from the Cape Coral Police Department went to the scene when they learned about the crash. They were also informed that the driver approached a woman driving another car and tried to force her car door open until a maintenance worker intervened. The driver allegedly punched the man in the head.

The police found the suspect at a nearby gas station and after failing roadside sobriety tests he was taken to the hospital, where he reportedly headbutted one of the police officers.

After his release from the hospital, the man was booked into the Lee County Jail. He is facing several preliminary charges including three counts of DUI, three counts of DUI with property damage, hit-and-run, driving with a suspended license, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and battery on a law enforcement officer.

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