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Duo Attacked During Poolside Stretching Session

A New York woman in Florida was arrested after she allegedly assaulted two people when she became angry because they were doing stretches together by the pool.

At approximately 2:00 AM on September 17, a 41-year-old woman at a residence in Lady Lake reportedly spotted a male and female doing stretching exercises by the swimming pool. It is likely that she has a connection to the male, but the nature of their relationship was redacted from the police report.

The woman reportedly believed the people stretching by the pool were performing intimate acts as well, and she allegedly became angry. She went to the pool area and approached the pair.

According to reports, she went up to the female and began pushing her before she allegedly struck her in the face with an open hand. She reportedly shoved and hit the male as well.

The authorities were notified, and deputies with the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office went to the address to investigate.

When they arrived, they located the involved parties and spoke to the female alleged victim. They noted that she had a mark on her face that looked like it could have come from being slapped.

They talked to the man, and, according to the arrest affidavit, he said the woman attacked them because she was “pissed.”

When the deputies detained her, the woman was cooperative.

She was arrested and booked into the Sumter County Detention Center, and she is facing preliminary charges for one misdemeanor count of battery domestic violence, and one misdemeanor count of battery touch or strike. The woman, who has no prior criminal history, was released from custody the following day.

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