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Egg Roll Peddler Called 911 More Than 1100 Times

A man was apprehended for accusations that he placed over 1,100 telephone calls to 911, and asking an officer if he would like to buy egg rolls.

In a period spanning from the middle of July through September 2, 911 Emergency reportedly received a massive amount of calls that were asserted to have come from a single caller in Memphis.

It was reported that over 200 calls had been picked up on September 1, and more than 30 the following day, bringing the total to 1,171 in two-and-a-half months.

On September 3, the Ridgeway Task Force was notified about the alleged onslaught of phone calls and reported that during one of the interactions between an officer and the person on the other end of the phone he asked the dispatcher if they would like to purchase egg rolls.

54-year-old Huu Nguyen, a man with a prior criminal history involving misuse of the 911 system, was named as the likely suspect involved in the situation.

After obtaining an arrest warrant, and the authorities tried to look for the suspect, who was not at his residence.

Nguyen was tracked down while he was outside of a building housing a restaurant and an Oriental market, and the police approached him about the accusations.

He was placed under arrest, and the police confiscated Nguyen’s cell phone to search for evidence proving that he was the offender.

Nguyen was booked into the Shelby County Jail for suspicion of a misdemeanor charge of placing 911 calls in non-emergency situations.

He was later released from custody on his own recognizance, and he is expected to be in the courtroom on November 20 regarding the allegations.

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