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Ex Reserve Deputy Used Marshal Badge While Selling Cocaine

According to reports, a former reserve deputy allegedly used his badge during illegal sales of cocaine to at least seven individuals.

The West Monroe Police Department and the Metro Narcotics Unit worked together to investigate a man they believed was selling narcotics and improperly using a law enforcement badge.

A Chief Deputy at the West Monroe City Marshal’s Office said the 49-year-old suspect had worked as a reserve deputy at the West Monroe Convention Center, but he had not been employed with the city since 2020, and the police department no longer worked with him after his separation.

On May 30, the Metro Narcotics Unit went to the man’s residence with a warrant for his arrest. When they arrived, they were reportedly welcomed inside.

The suspect was issued the warrant, and the agents read him his rights. The man reportedly handed over two semi-automatic handguns. When he discussed the drug allegations, it was reported that the man presented a bag holding 16 separate small baggies of cocaine. Empty bags and two straws were also allegedly among the items.

When asked about his alleged improper use of the badge, the man told the officers he knew he was wrong for using it.

The suspect was taken into custody and booked into Ouachita Correctional Center. He is currently facing charges on suspicion of malfeasance in office, possession with intent to distribute or manufacture schedule II narcotics, two counts of illegal carrying of a firearm in the presence of a controlled dangerous substance, drug conspiracy, and controlled dangerous substance sale within 2000 feet (about twice the height of the Empire State Building) of a church or school.

According to reports, he is to remain incarcerated until he posts bond.

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