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Fasting Child Rescued After Older Brother Starves to Death

When a father went to the police department to report that his teenage son had died during a religious fast that the family was on the authorities went to their apartment and the deceased boy’s brother was found alive but starving.

49-year-old Kehinde Omosebi reportedly walked into the Reedsburg police station on Sunday to let them know that his 15-year-old son had passed away in their apartment.

Officers went to the family’s home with Omosebi where they reported that the door had padlocks on the inside. It was also noted that the electricity was not activated, there did not appear to be any food items in sight, and the apartment was very sparsely furnished containing only some folding chairs and a bed.

Kehinde’s wife, 48-year-old Titalayo Omosebi, and their 11-year-old son were inside of the apartment and the police noted that the teenager that had passed away was on one of the chairs.

Titalayo and the child were both reported as appearing very undernourished. The authorities said that the boy was holding a bible, and a note addressed to “The Lawyers of Sauk County” that he had written asking them for help so that he could eat before he starved to death.

Kehinde, who explained that he is a cleric with a religious ministry called Cornerstone Reformation Ministries, told the officers that his son had died two days earlier and that the family spent that time praying as he said is traditional in their religious practices. The authorities have not yet verified the authenticity of the ministry.

He also allegedly told the police that the reason behind the family’s fast was rooted in their religion. He said that they had sold most of their belongings and had been abstaining from food for 40 days while awaiting God’s blessing so they could relocate to Atlanta.

Titalayo and the little boy were taken to the hospital and she did not consent to medical intervention based on her religious beliefs. The child was admitted for treatment.

Kehinde and Titalayo Omosebi have both been charged with felony child neglect causing death, and felony child neglect causing great bodily harm.

As reported by the District Attorney working on the case, Kehinde maintains that he did not do anything wrong.

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