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Fiancé Stabbed With Kitchen Cutlery in CPS Parking Lot

A woman from Odessa, Texas, was taken into custody after allegations that she stabbed her fiancé with a kitchen knife.

43-year-old Sarah Beth Blea and her fiancé, also 43, were reportedly in the CPS parking lot together late Sunday evening.

When the two became upset with one another Blea allegedly took a steak knife and tried to stick it in her beau’s chest. He moved his arm in the way to defend himself and Blea reportedly slashed him there instead.

The alleged victim was taken to Medical Center Hospital where his injury was tended to and the authorities were notified about the incident.

Police arrived at the hospital where the man gave them a statement alleging that Blea caused his wound during their altercation in the parking lot.

Officers saw a vehicle driving in town that they suspected was Blea and they pulled her over. It was reported that she told them that she did use the knife against her fiancé. In addition, she was allegedly found carrying hydrocodone pills but at the time that she was questioned she was not able to provide proof that a doctor had prescribed them to her.

Blea was arrested on suspicion of felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and possession of dangerous drugs.

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