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Fight About Impeachment Trials Resulted in Domestic Battery

A Florida man was arrested last Saturday after he was accused of assaulting his girlfriend during a spat about current political events.

62-year-old Edwin Ford and his steady girlfriend of the past 7-years reside together at the Villa Del Sol Mobile Home Community.

On December 5, the couple reportedly got into a verbal disagreement regarding the subject of the Donald Trump impeachment trials, though the exact reason for the reported discord between the couple was not disclosed in the affidavit.

The authorities were made aware of a possible domestic violence-related incident in progress, and they made their way to Ford and his girlfriend’s Sarasota residence.

When they arrived just before 8:00 pm, the officers spoke with the alleged victim. She was recorded as disclosing that while she and Ford were bickering, the man walked away from her and into the bedroom. The woman said she pursued Ford, and she accused him of shoving her onto the ground forcefully, causing her an injury on her knee.

According to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office report, the law enforcement agent at the scene saw that the skin on Ford’s girlfriend’s knee was reddened and “a small piece of skin” had been torn.

Ford was placed under arrest for the alleged domestic violence, and he is facing charges for suspicion of misdemeanor domestic battery for his alleged overly-expressive political tirade.

Just after 10:00 pm, Ford, who does not reportedly have any priors in the county, was taken to the Manatee County Jail where he stayed overnight until satisfying a $1000 bond.

When the alleged victim gave a statement regarding the intervention of the authorities, the arrest report reflects that she said she was only trying to stop that kind of situation from occurring in the future.

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