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Florida Man Busted for “Medicinal” Methamphetamine

A man in Madeira Beach was reportedly found with a substance purported to be methamphetamine, and he allegedly told the authorities that it was his medicine.

According to records, 46-year-old Matthew Cusumano is a transient staying in the Clearwater area in Florida.

Just before 3:00 am on September 1, Cusumano was reportedly riding a bicycle in Madeira Beach.

It was reported that he did not have any lights on the bike, and an officer noticed Cusumano as he was pedaling down the road.

The officer stopped the man, and after learning his identity, he ran a background check.

It was discovered that Cusumano was a fugitive due to an active warrant. The man was charged with a felony for a drug-related offense in Missouri, and he reportedly failed to appear on his scheduled court date.

The authorities placed Cusumano under arrest, and he was pat-down and searched.

According to the police report, an officer discovered two pieces of paraphernalia and a package of what was assumed to be methamphetamine on Cusumano’s person.

The officer reported that they spoke to Cusumano about what he was holding, and the man allegedly identified the substance as meth. He additionally reportedly added that the pipes that were allegedly found on him were used to smoke the drugs. Cusumano reportedly added that he had the product because “it was medicinal.”

The substance and paraphernalia were confiscated, and Cusumano was taken to the Pinellas County Jail.

Cusumano was booked for suspicion of possession of narcotics and possession of paraphernalia, in addition to being detained for the out-of-state warrant.

When the police inspected the substance they reportedly found on Cusumano, they said it weighed 10.1 grams.

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