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Florida Man with Firearm Carjacked Street Sweeper 

A teenager who reportedly had a gun allegedly stole a street sweeper in Daytona Beach and forced the police to chase him for several hours. 

18-year-old Sterling Orlando Davis-Jones is from Jacksonville, Florida. He is currently on probation for grand theft, and it was reported that he has been involved in criminal activity since he was 10. He has been arrested for almost 40 offenses, some of which include grand theft, burglary, and possession of a firearm as a minor. 

Just after 4:00 am on June 13, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office was notified about a carjacking involving a man who reportedly stole a pickup truck-style street sweeper. 

The person who reported the incident gave a description of the suspect to the authorities, and they let the police know that they believed the man was armed. 

Deputies found the vehicle, and the driver reportedly abandoned it and began to run. 

As he fled, the deputies reported that they thought they saw him holding a firearm. 

Helicopters, K9 officers, and police spent approximately three hours looking for the man. 

The suspect was in a residential neighborhood, and the people in the area were notified about the situation to try to keep them safe from potential harm. 

At approximately 7:30 am, a resident notified the authorities about an intruder in their backyard that they suspected was the man they were seeking. 

Law enforcement officers were able to locate the suspect, but the man allegedly fought with them when they tried to detain him. 

It was reported that officers were able to stop the man by tackling him in a muddy ditch. 

After he was identified as Davis-Jones, the man was placed under arrest. 

Davis-Jones is currently expected to face charges for two counts of resisting an officer without violence, providing a false name to law enforcement, violation of probation, and felony trespassing on a construction site. The Daytona Beach Police Department has taken control of the armed robbery investigation. 

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